Cheeky Seagull

I was in Dover harbour last weekend when a cheeky Seagull perched nearby. I was captivated by the brilliant yellows and oranges of its beak and eyes against its white plumage and the dark sky. It got me thinking. Fountain pen inks have a unique advantage over watercolour paints in that they are a dye and the pigmentation in the dyes is so fine as to be invisible to the eye so you get this absolute brilliance of colour. The study of the cheeky seagull uses three fountain pen inks: Sheaffer Skrip Black, Diamine Amber and Diamine Sunset Orange. The finished image is crisp and sharp with clean pure blends. And the other great advantage is that they dry a little quicker than watercolour paints. Top Tips: keep the composition simple and visually impactive; stick to a limited palette and, get to know your fountain pen inks. Many thanks to @purepens for the Diamine samples. I have also used a Saunders 140lb rough watercolour paper.
Note: The Skrip Black is very versatile and that background sky is just sensational!

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