J.Herbin 1670 Rouge

Well… that just goes to show. When washed with water on a heavy Bockingford watercolour paper these amazing rich pinks and reds appeared! This ink reacts very differently on different papers. It is also resistant to bleach, I had to work bloody hard to get the effects achieved on the cherub you can see where the multi layers of Domestos have actually burned the paper! Did the line work with a Noodlers Ahab Flexi – as it was the only pen that could cope! The Rouge has been one hell of a challenge, but well worth it. The range and brilliance of colour is simply stunning. A real treat and all from one ink! It never ceases to amaze me just how much you can get out of so little. Bring on the Emerald!!!

One thought on “J.Herbin 1670 Rouge

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