Chivor Emerald – J.Herbin 1670

What a surprise! A sample of the Chivor Emerald 1670 by J.Herbin has just arrived. As you can see from the image posted, this could well be the ‘one ink to rule them all’. The freeform alphabets were executed with an automatic pen on standard cartridge paper and once dry looked fairly normal when viewed head on. It’s only when you view the work at an approximate 45 degree angle, that the magic colours reveal themselves. Fluorescent pinks and of course the gold. It’s not photoshopped – what you see is the truth. The wash onto a 200lb Bockingford paper is just as dramatic. The ink blends easily with the water and turns a brilliant turquoise at the breakdown with the gold and pinky reds visible in the darker areas. It is beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Ink sample kindly supplied by Ross at


3 thoughts on “Chivor Emerald – J.Herbin 1670

  1. There be magic in that ink! In the hands of one who can unleash its wonders, that is where the true magic occurs…Great stuff.

  2. Cheers David. Release date is sometime in September. It could start a resurgence in handwriting? Fingers crossed eh?

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