Diplomat Inks Review

Diplomat Black –  What a fantastic surprise! Blends well with water and reacts evenly with bleach. The black is really dark and rich and as you can see at the bleeding edge there is this gorgeous plum colour! Never seen a black like this before. Flows well, drys quickly and looks great for writing. May well have to try this out for more creative use.

Diplomat Royal Blue –  Blends well with water and reacts evenly with bleach. This is fairly even in consistency but for me it’s a little weak for a Royal Blue. Flows well, drys quickly and looks great for writing.

To my knowledge these are the only two Diplomat colours available and are both good quality writing inks.

Ink samples very kindly supplied by Massdrop


2 thoughts on “Diplomat Inks Review

  1. For my swatch samples I use a Noodler’s Nib Creaper which I don’t fill, I just dip into the ink and wash afterwards. Of Note: the shimmer/metallic inks and most of the Noodlers have a lot of sludge in them so I clean all my pens regularly to avoid any clogging. And when writing, I tend to use a good quality paper surface. Hope this helps. N

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