de Atramentis Ebony

Just had to share this with you before the day job kicks in again tomorrow. This is de Atramentis Ebony! It bleeds blood red! No photoshop – this is absolutely what happens when washed with water! It literally bleeds! Make of it what you will but it’s a stunning ink to work into with bleach. This is the Ink Thief, a playful take on the de Atramentis logo. All good fun! And to recap – this is ink and bleach only, NO white paint and NO photoshop. This is the REAL joy of fountain pen inks. You can’t do this with any other art medium!

Inks kindly supplied by Massdrop

Paper used: Bockingford 200lb Rough


9 thoughts on “de Atramentis Ebony

    • Thanks Jessica. Just saw a really interesting piece of yours on Instagram – some really nice washes using waterman inks. Did you do the patterning with bleach?

      • Hi Nick, I did use bleach. It’s so enjoyable to watch it emerge. That one was more of a doodle that turned out lucky. I think I feel lucky when anything turns out, haha. In the past, my favorite thing to portray with ink and bleach has been undersea type of designs and nebulae. Stars come out great with bleach because they glow.

  1. It looks hellish! Colourwise it will definitely match up with mu Noodler’s Ahab Vulcan’s Coral. The washed out pattern looks exactly the same as in the pen. BTW Nick, how large is this piece ?

  2. that’s a gorgeous picture. I agree with isis, this is one of your best works in my opinion, too. I love the picture. And how the ink behaves. 🙂 Who knew. That’s what makes your project so interesting.

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