KWZI Honey with KWZI Grey Plum

The KWZI colour range has a feel of the Scottish Highlands about them. Rich purples, greens and ochres – mountains, bracken, tartan… BUT just to demonstrate how creative these KWZI inks can be, this test involves a blend of Honey and Grey Plum. Using wet in wet on a heavy Bockingford, the inks have created their own scene. All I have done is add a hint of bracken in the foreground and a figure in the midfield. I flicked some bleach onto the art while still wet to add a little more drama and then flicked clean water on the art once dry allowing the water to settle before blotting and removing some spots of the ink giving the art a mystical quality. Why not give it a go?


6 thoughts on “KWZI Honey with KWZI Grey Plum

  1. Absolutely brilliant, you nailed the colours and feeling here. I agree with your statement that these inks are made by someone who cares, and knows what they’re doing. Konrad’s inks may be slightly pungent (I actually don’t mind the smell), but they are beautiful, well behaved and reasonably priced. The IG inks are the superstars of the show. The fact that Konrad and Agnieszka are such nice people is a bonus.

    • They are very lovely inks. To have followed these with a Bril test wasn’t good for Bril! I’ll explain how to choose ink combinations for watercolour painting in a future blog. Thanks for your comment. N

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