Rain over Ramsgate – fountain pen ink art

This is based on an image I took over the weekend. I was sailing from Upnor to Ramsgate when 2 miles from Ramsgate the sky turned Diamine Eclipse and sea a Diamine Twilight. What was visually fascinating was the pale yellow (Diamine Sunshine Yellow) band separating them. It was a painting that had to be painted in inks. Shoreline detailing was created with Diamine Macassar and bleach using a dip pen. Just in case you wanted to know… it absolutely pissed down!


12 thoughts on “Rain over Ramsgate – fountain pen ink art

  1. Oops. Looking at the image on my phone, I thought the land bit was a photograph and you used the inks to color the sky and sea. Then I enlarged the view for a better look. Great picture (drawing)! I think I’ll try coloring some of my photos with ink, though.

    • Let me know how you get on with colouring photos with fountain pen ink? I haven’t tried this but have had some great results colouring up ink jet prints.

      • Yes, I meant printing the photos on my inkjet printer. I’m getting closer, having taken the printer out of the wardrobe (bookcase). Just have to plug it in and connect it to the laptop, then choose some photos (this last step daunting – so many photos…). And I keep taking more photos…oi.

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