Diamine Shimmer Inks 2016 – Get it on!


Following on from last years runaway success and Christmas 2016 approaching fast, Diamine are currently releasing a new range of Shimmer Inks which Christine Joynson very kindly sent me a batch to test. Now whether or not they took on board my comments from last years test, a gorgeous magenta and orange are in both evidence. There are twelve colours in this range, six silvers and six golds and they compliment the existing range perfectly. Marc Bolan appears again as a test art – created with Caramel Sparkle and Magenta Flash.

To keep things easy and visual, what I have done to demonstrate the versatility and visual quality of these Shimmer Inks is to pair a silver with a gold and create a freeform alphabet with each combination. As handwriting inks, these are a given, BUT as a creative medium, these are something else entirely. They blend beautifully and in my opinion they all look stunning. The only dilemma is… which ones are the best? Discuss.

In order of descent – the pairings are:
1. Magenta Flash with Caramel Sparkle
2. Pink Glitz with Tropical Glow
3. Golden Oasis with Moon Dust
4. Cocoa Shimmer with Lilac Satin
5. Enchanted Ocean with Tropical Inferno
6. Firestorm Red with Blue Flame

Although the swatch cards were created on a Bockingford 200lb watercolour paper, the test art was created on a high quality cartridge paper which seems to bring out the best with these particular inks. As before, a word of caution. When dry, the metal dust is delicate and will rub, so do take care.

nick_stewart_shimmer03 nick_stewart_shimmer02 nick_stewart_shimmer04 nick_stewart_shimmer05 nick_stewart_shimmer06 nick_stewart_shimmer07


Inks sourced from http://www.diamineinks.co.uk

Swatch cards on Bockingford 200lb watercolour paper using a Desiderata with titanium zebra G flex nib. Test art on high quality cartridge paper.

Just for the record – I do this for myself, I receive no remuneration what-so-ever and I tell it exactly how I see it.


10 thoughts on “Diamine Shimmer Inks 2016 – Get it on!

  1. I am in love!! These colours are amazing! I can’t pick a favourite, because they’re all amazing, however, Magenta Flash, Lilac Satin, Tropical Glow and Golden Oasis are sure bets in my book. Your combo of Magenta Flash and Caramel Sparkle is fab. I wants. Thanks for making my Tuesday a happy one 😀

  2. I totally go towards golds and silvers; metallics in general (I was a magpie in a former life). But Nick, I’ve gotta’ tell you – it is your choice of pairings that has sold me on these new inks. Beautiful artwork to begin with, had it all been done in black ink alone! These inks are going to warm up this girl’s credit card.

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  4. Diamine Shimmer is just heavenly.Particularly Lilac Satin & Blue Flame.Cant do enough of handwriting.Will surely create a ” inky” revolution.

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