Diamine Shimmer Inks 2017

Following on from last year’s runaway success and Christmas 2017 approaching fast, Diamine are currently releasing a new range of Shimmer Inks which Phil Davies has very kindly sent me a batch to test. There are ten colours in this range, six silvers and four golds. The key thing about these new creations being their vibrancy. Compared to the previous two releases, these are much deeper colours and all of them have a sheen. This year Jim Morrison features as the test art – created with Electric Pink and Arctic Blue (check out that stunning cherry red sheen on the Arctic Ice!)

As per last year’s review, what I have done to demonstrate the versatility and visual quality of these Shimmer Inks is to pair colours and create an abstract alphabet with each combination. As you’ll notice, they blend beautifully and look stunning. In my opinion, these are Diamine’s best shimmers to-date. The only dilemma is… which ones are the best? See what you think.

In order of descent – the pairings are:
1. Firefly with Cobalt Jazz
2. Citrus Ice with Arctic Blue (check out that green blend colour and that stunning cherry red sheen on the Arctic Ice!)
3. Electric Pink with Arabian Nights
4. Spearmint Diva with Wine Divine
5. Frosted Orchid with Golden Ivy

Although the swatch cards were created on a Bockingford 200lb watercolour paper, the test art was created on a high quality cartridge paper which seems to bring out the best with these particular inks. As before, a word of caution. When dry, the metal dust is delicate and will rub, so do take care.

As for writing, there’s plenty of sparkle for everyone. The inks are easy to load, flow easily and are all very legible. Spearmint Diva and Firefly look very good.

Here are the swatches, notice those gorgeous sheens and even a little chromatography in places. The colours are much deeper allowing the golds and silvers to stand out more. A great range of quality inks and fun too! What’s not to like?

If you’d like to know more about this project, please take a look at the Mission Statement.

If you’d like to follow me on Instagram you’ll find me @quinkandbleach.

Apologies for the inconsistent backgrounds on the abstracts. The ink colours though are a very good match.

And don’t forget! The Inktober 2017 challenge is underway. If you like, you can check out what I’m up to via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Diamine Shimmer Inks 2017

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