Platinum Inks Test


These Platinum samples were sourced from Rachel and Brian at Goulet Pens. 15 have been put to the test in total. The 9 you can see as a block are mostly from the Mix Free range with a couple from the Standard. The Flame Red reveals a nice sheen where the ink dries in concentration and the Earth Brown reveals a cheeky lime green at the wash edges and turns pink when subjected to the bleach test. Otherwise, the other inks all bleed well with water and react to the bleach turning a white gold, no other hidden colours sadly. They are all great writers as you’d expect. But, as you’ll see from the test art, the colours are not great blenders, unlike the Diamines for example, and in truth, I found them to be a little muddy. I doubt that Peter Max or Heinz Edelman would be that impressed. Ringo looks a little miserable too – slip of the pen (Desiderata), sorry.



The other six colours tested were the 3 blacks and 3 pigmented colours. Non of these reacted that well to bleach, if at all, so I’m assuming that these are the document inks and are agent resistant. I used the smoke black for the test piece and it’s fine working with the other colours from the Platinum Standard and Mix Free ranges.

My verdict? They’re okay. Will they be featuring in any future psychedelic pop art pastiches? Probably not.


4 thoughts on “Platinum Inks Test

  1. The Pigmented Inks are Platinum’s permanent inks so, while they did not bleach out like you like, the test also proved that they are as permanent as they claim which was nice to see. I use Carbon Black and Sepia for drawing mixed with watercolor and I love how permanent they are in those contexts.

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