Ink and Bleach Test Art for Sale

In order to raise finances to cover some of my costs I’m selling the test pieces that I create. The test pieces measure 140mm x 140mm which is as big as I can realistically go using 3ml samples. I use a heavyweight Bockingford watercolour paper for my test pieces and they’ll be sealed with a water based varnish. I’m charging £30 for a single test piece and that includes postage and packing internationally. All artwork will be signed and dated. If anyone is interested, let me know the piece you’re after and I’ll send it to you. I’ll be using PayPal for all transactions.

12 thoughts on “Ink and Bleach Test Art for Sale

  1. Nick, I really want to help you out here, and I love your work…and I’ve got my eye on the trees piece. The dollar to pound conversion is terrible! Will you ship to the US? Would you accept 25 pounds from me? I also wish I could send you samples, but I probably don’t have anything you already don’t have. My email is

  2. Nick…if you ever do s Freddie Mercury, I’m your girl! Love your artwork and your ink tests. Good luck with your Etsy Shop and art sales.


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