P W Akkerman Inks Test

Akkerman BluesAkkerman RedsAkkerman Greens

Well, well, well. Thirty one of these inks tested in total and half way through I got the strangest feeling of ‘Déjà vu’. But before I go into that, a little bit about Akkerman. It’s a Dutch brand, with a heritage, and consists of 30 colours with a washable blue. And a very attractive group of colours they are too. Not only that, they come in the most incredible bottles! See below:

Akkerman Bottle

BUT that’s where I stop. These inks behave exactly the same way as Diamines. Okay, I haven’t tested ALL the Diamine range bit I have checked and cross checked with the ones I have and to my mind there is no doubt so if you want to know how they behave have a look at my previous Diamine tests. I adore Diamine inks and you all know that, but as I say, I thinks these are they. I am also a hard grafting creative who still needs to win the lottery. So, if you’ve got the money and like fancy bottles, here you go. If like me you’re into the product, Diamines are better value, and it’s a bigger range.

All tests on Bockingford 200lb watercolour paper AND I used my very own Frankenflex pen!


15 thoughts on “P W Akkerman Inks Test

  1. I have a couple of samples, the Garuda Rood, and Hopjesbruin- which I have yet to try. Just wrote a note to self to ink it up with the Hopejesbruin tonight. The bottle is really appealing. I have refrained because of the price, good to know that comparison to the Diamine. Thanks Nick!

  2. As you may know, several have confirmed that Akkerman is indeed just Diamine ink rebottled with a private label. You pay for the supposed exclusivity and the cool bottle.

  3. This has been the general concensus….that these are just repackaged Diamine inks. I wish they would just come out and say. After all…we are really buying them for that amazing bottle in the first place, so it’s not like they would lose sales since Diamine is such an excellent brand to begin with. I’m sure it has to do with trade across borders and enough fine print that would make your brain bleed. However….glad you are getting the same results so many others have had. By the way…if you only have samples & there is a Diamine you love the shade of …it really is worth getting a bottle. REALLY well designed and lovely to use with a dip pen. 😉 My daughter was working in Holland last year and when she came home she’d asked me what I wanted. All I asked for was a bottle of this ink. I really didn’t care what colour ….the darling brought me three :3

  4. Of note: “There have been discussions about whether Diamine actually makes the inks for Akkerman. But in at least one case they are NOT just rebranded. I tried Diamine Registrars a couple of years ago and it oxidized to a washy blue grey. OTOH, Akkerman #10 – Ijzer-Galnoten – is a much nicer iron gall ink — it goes a lot darker.: Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

    • As mentioned, I haven’t tested ALL the Diamines yet, but the general consensus so far is that they are almost identical in colour and behaviour.

  5. #10 may be based on Registrar’s, but it does indeed age darker and is much wetter. Wonderful stuff.

    Residentie Blauw is without a doubt China Blue. Zuiderpark Blauw Groen is Teal, and Garuda Rood is Monaco Red. But there are others that have no exact Diamine corollary. I suspected Voorhout Violet was Damson, but it had less red in it.

    • Once I’d spotted a 50% similarity I called it a day there. The ones you mention, and others, are exact behavioural matches. But hey! I’m not complaining, just pointing out that if you aren’t bothered about glassware, you can save yourself some money! Every little helps! N

      • My logic is, get the nice bottle once then refill with Diamine. Except for the iron gall one, that one is truly unique and a keeper. I still have half of a 150ml bottle left 🙂

  6. Thanks for testing these – it’s interesting to note the similarities between these and the Diamine ones…with some exceptions as you mentioned in the comments. I don’t own any Akkerman inks, but the bottles are pretty sweet. I might pick up a couple for the bottles alone, but, really, if they’re nearly identical to Diamine, then why waste the money? Maybe someone over in Akkerman used to work for Diamine or something? Ink espionage?? LOL! 😉

    • Having tested circa 500+ inks to-date, Diamines as a range are not only great writing inks, they are superb for creative activities (as demonstrated) and they’re by far the most affordable. So, what’s not to like? Having said that, I have at least another 300 samples in the queue: deAtramentis, Noodlers, more Diamines and Robert Osters to name but a few. Stay tuned!

  7. Lovely work you are doing here! I was wandering about Staten Generaal. Have you found a Diamine ink that matches the color? It kind of looks like Kaweco ruby red on my screen, but I might be wrong.

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  10. I just started using Akkerman inks and didn’t realize their relationship to Diamond inks. Thanks so much for the heads up (but still love those Akkerman bottles!).

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