Pure Pens Ink Swatch Tests

As a member of United Inkdom I was invited to test this new range of inks from Pure Pens.

I can assure you that Pure Pens know their stuff and I’d have been very surprised if they’d messed this up.
Well as you can see, they’ve produced a beautiful mini range of colours, that work in harmony – see test art below – created on Saunders watercolour paper.
Deep vibrant colours that write well and look good BUT work equally well for creative purposes? What more do you want?

Inks tested: Cadwaladr, Pendine Sands, Llanberis Slate, Saltire Blue, Celtic Sea, Porthcurno Cove

STILL TIME TO ENTER THE COMPETITION: In a bid to promote my fountain pen ink and bleach project further, I have an 8 piece set of 150th Anniversary Diamine Inks to giveaway. And they’re gorgeous colours too! For a chance to get your hands on this valuable prize, all you have to do, is head on over to your social media account(s), link to my social media handles, follow me, like my giveaway post, share the post and tag 2 colleagues who may be interested in what I’m up to. I’ll announce the winner on Friday 13th April 2018. The giveaway is open to all. I will pay for the shipping, but please be aware, if you live outside the EU you may have to pay customs duty – for which you will be responsible. So get sharing and tagging. You gotta be in it to win it!

My social media handles are below:
Instagram: @quinkandbleach
Twitter: @nickistew
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4 thoughts on “Pure Pens Ink Swatch Tests

  1. I stumbled across your brilliant project pages and have spent a cold & grey morning delighting in so much color & light—well done! I hope you can help a non-artist but lover of pen & ink understand the mechanics of introducing the bleach. Based on some of the art work I’m envisioning brushes for a bleach wash both/either before & after applying ink, but how are you achieving the light precise lettering over ink swatches? Do you put the bleach in a fountain pen, or dip a calligraphy nib in bleach? I’m in the wrong part of the world to take a class but as you can tell I’m quite intrigued & maddeningly curious about how to bring the bleach & ink together!

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